Sharilyn Neidhardt is a Brooklyn-based visual artist. She blends her experiences as a photojournalist and as a paintmaker into her work depicting experiences of urban life. She was a core member of glowlab and created the Human Scale Chess Game which was played in several North American cities. With artist Sal Randolph, Ms Neidhardt toured in the musical act Weapons of Mass Destruction, for which she composed several songs. Sharilyn is a co-founder of the artists' community trans-cen-der, which meets monthly in Brooklyn. Her writing appears regularly on Drawing New York and ArtSpiel. She’s an avid cyclist, loves midnight movies, and speaks only a little German.


(b. 1970, California) - Currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY -

Instagram: @sharilynneidhardt


Selected Exhibitions

2018, Supermassive Black Hole, Art During the Occupation

2018, Flowers and Monsters, Gallery 104, Brooklyn NY

2018, Which Hunt, Friday Studio Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2017, Yellow Chair Holiday Extravaganza, David&Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn NY

2017, Transparency, Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn NY

2017, Art During the Occupation, satellite art fair, Miami FL

2017, True Believers, M Studio Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2017, The Transcendence of Us, Gallery 104, Brooklyn NY

2017, Mexico: At the Crossroads, Amos Eno, Brooklyn NY

2017, Fractured Union, In/Case Projects, Brooklyn NY

2017, Spring Break, Friday Studio Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2016, #PUSSYPOWER, David&Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn NY

2016, Harvest of Dreams, Friday Studio Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2016, Reality is Wrong, Dreams Are For Real, Brian Morris Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2016, Seeking Space: Making the Future, David&Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn NY

2016, NomenCoLorature, Studio 10 and Centotto, Brooklyn NY

2016, DELUGE (solo exhibition), Parenthesis at Terra Firma, Brooklyn NY

2016, I Love A Man In A Uniform (solo exhibition), Walkthrough Brooklyn

2016, Landscapes, Temporary Storage, Brooklyn NY

2015, Open Call, lorimoto, Queens NY

2015, Cellphies, SHAG, Brooklyn NY

2015, Kunstkammer, Parenthesis Art Space, Brooklyn NY

2015, Making History, Storefront Ten Eyck, Brooklyn NY

2015, Color-Coded, GrizzlyGrizzly, Philadelphia PA

2014, ArtBombNY, Parenthesis Art Space, Brooklyn NY

2012, GO: Brooklyn, Brooklyn NY

2004, Bridges (solo exhibition), Iona, Brooklyn NY

2004, Starving Artists Ball, Angel Orensanz, New York, NY

2004, Williamsburg Open Studios, Brooklyn NY

2003, Recent Work (solo exhibition), Supercore, Brooklyn NY

2002, Free Biennial, Glowlab, Brooklyn NY